The Passion of Cuba - Bulk

The Passion of Cuba - Bulk


If you are a baseball fan, you should see it played in Cuba.  It is the most popular sport in Cuba and is enjoyed there like no other place on earth. After competing in my first baseball game in Cuba, I realized these island people are full of passion. Cubans have the highest literacy rate in Latin America and the Caribbean. Armed with knowledge, training and passion they can compete on the world stage in dance, art, music, cigar making and sports.  An additional bonus that comes with a visit to Cuba is all the 1950’s American cars. 

After many trips I wanted to share my observations and insights into Cuba and its wonderful people.

Author:  Tom "Tim" Clasby
Size:  11" x 9"
ISBN:  978-0-692-81423-9
Page Count: 74 pages of text and photographs
Format:  Hardcover bound book
Printed in South Korea

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